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From the February, 2010 issue of GM High-Tech Performance
By Justin Cesler
Photography by James Henderson

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Southern California is more often known for its roadsters and show cars than its late-model GMs, but at its core, this is an area full of awesome GM muscle. We caught up with Mark DeLisle, who you may have seen on TV from time to time, and James Henderson of to check up on the local scene. Turns out, you can hang with GM enthusiasts all night long, eat some good food, catch some good races, and soak in the SoCal spirit. To learn more, check out the PHK car club online or just keep on reading.

What to Expect:
Southern California is a muscle car mecca, so expect to see everything from ’57 Chevys to 2010 Camaros. Mark DeLisle told us: “Out here in Southern California, someone forgot to tell us that the ‘good old days’ were over. No matter how long your week, you can always look forward to cruising over to Bob’s Big Boy in Burbank on Friday night where time is frozen in neon lights reflectining off of the perfect paint and chrome.”

Where to Go:
Friday nights always start off at Bob’s Big Boy, with the show/roadster scene beginning at 4 p.m. and the late-model GMs crowding the lot by 10 p.m. While still relatively new, the late-model GM scene is now consistently 30 to 40 cars strong and is always growing. “People, guys and girls alike, drive from as far as two hours away, every week, just to come and be around like-minded car crazies.” If you are a night owl, check out the Coral Café on Hollywood and Burbank. A great place to hang out and eat around midnight, the Coral Café is home to some of the best food in the area and a jumping spot for some late-night action.

Where to Shop:
SoCal is home to a ton of great shops including Auto Parts Firm, CMS, CMJ Racing, Haddad Motorsports, and Strictly Performance. “Many of the local shops will open their doors on the weekends for our club, providing dynos, BBQ, and sometimes just a free place to hang out, try new parts, or fix old ones.” Of course, if you are looking for some cool accessories, check out 6 Liter Eater Designs for some pieces that will really set your fourth-gen apart from the crowd.

Cool things to do:
Memorial Day weekend is the LA Invasion, which hosts a killer GM-only three-day event with everything from a canyon cruise at Big Bear to a full drag race and car show at the Auto Club Speedway (Fontana). For the morning person, check out Cars and Coffee Irvine, a Saturday morning tradition filled with everything from multi-million dollar exotics to tastefully modified GM muscle.

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