2001 Chevy Camaro Project Car Paint Job – The Sti Killer

2001 Chevy Camaro Project Car Paint Job – The Sti Killer
A Meet And Greet With Our Newest Project Car And An Insiders’ Look At Paint And Body
From the January, 2010 issue of GM High-Tech Performance
By Justin Cesler

As you scour the internet and local trader magazines, you begin to feel like you already own your dream ride. Stories of “how cool would it be” become statements of “you just wait ’till” and your once-sought-after parts start to seem like they may not be enough after all. You start thinking about upgrading the motor a little more, maybe adding a new rear gear, and stepping up to some sticky tires. Oh, but that means an upgraded transmission, which isn’t so bad because you saw some real good deals online last night. Maybe you could get your buddy to paint it, some really cool color like a new Z06, that would be awesome. And then, like a shining star, you find the right car. You can’t sleep the night before, as you can already picture getting started on the build.

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